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Double Bet and Handicap Tennis Betting Strategies

Tennis betting is gaining popularity every day, as a new and fairly profitable form of earnings on the Internet. A huge number of people around the world began to bet on this particular sport. Therefore, now tennis takes an honorable second place among the games bettor betting on. In the first place is football.

This article will focus on tennis not as a sport, but as a profitable source of income. What do bets do? Are there any special rules for this that must be followed in order to succeed? What types of strategies exist? What can prevent you from choosing a favorite? The main rule of bets, which really must always be taken into account, is the functional interaction between some factors and one's own responsibility. Such a combination will always lead to success at, and, consequently, to a profitable bet.

Double Bet in Tennis Strategy

It’s an exact replica of forks in sports betting. It’s the classic strategy in live, which, if used correctly, leads to a 100 percent gain. We explain the tactics in a simple and most banal example:

Let's say the tennis players in the match held 22 games. Ratio is of 3.7 to 1.7. We take into account the characteristic of the coating, which undoubtedly affects the players. Choose an athlete whose pitch is cooler. Since the opponents spent 22 games on the site, it is clear that the total will bring us good money more. Now, we carry out two bets:

Total: There is a coefficient of 1.7. At a rate of $100, we get 1.7 * 100 = 170$. The victory of your intended athlete in sets 2-0. At a bet of 55$, you will receive 45 * 3.7 = 153$. If the first bet has passed, go to zero, on the second pass - multiply the money twice.

Handicap in Tennis Betting

In another way, this type of strategy is called “Zero Handicap”. This tactic should be used when the ratio of the odds of each player is approximately or exactly equal. It is in this scenario that the efficiency of this tactic will be greater, and therefore the chance to take profit on the bet will increase.

For example, we will take identical values 1.3. In this situation, you should calculate the number of games and sets, and only then bet on the player, based on his performance. The coefficient in this case is close to what it was originally. Now, we are closely following the selected player, because it will depend on him whether you pick up the jackpot today. To get at least some profit from the bet, the favorite must defeat his competitor in isolation at least in 1 game. If the difference exceeds one, the bookmaker is obliged to return the money to you.

This tactic has one very important advantage, especially for those who are afraid to lose or have just recently started to bet on sports. According to the results of the match, even if the tennis player of your choice loses, you can pick up the prize.