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Football Betting Features and Types

Millions of people on the planet can't imagine their life without football, this beautiful number one game that the British invented. Football has become an integral part of the lives of many, and even a part of the culture of some countries. In this sport, all the people that somehow refer to football earn substantial sums, and the usual spectator-fan gets real pleasure from watching matches. But thanks to the emergence of bets in bookmakers, football fans also have the opportunity to earn income from their hobbies betting at football or its Americal version “soccer” at

How to Win at Football Betting?

To do this, you need to understand football and understand the key features of football betting in bookmaker offices, at least to navigate the betting options offered by the bookmakers in order to know which bet to make.

Current bookmakers offer a rather impressive list of outcomes for betting on football matches. The most popular betting on football, which is in demand among betters, is the main outcome, total, double chance, handicap. But it isn't the full list of options available. Sometimes, it seems that the imagination of the employees of the bookmaker shop simply has no limits. Judge for yourself, you can bet on a goal of a specific player, deletions and their number, corner cards, yellow cards, offsides, the team that starts the match from the center of the field, and even the coach’s removal, the goalkeeper’s red card, the goalkeeper goal and much more.

Undoubtedly, such exotic bets are quite interesting, they attract football fans who want to increase interest when watching a match using a bet. So say, stimulate emotions. However, if you consider football betting as an opportunity to have a stable profit, then you need to forget about these types of bets once and for all. You should also abandon bets on your favorite teams. If you want to bet from time to time for fun, it is recommended to create a separate game account for this purpose.

Most Popular Types of Bets

The most optimal bets for players are the main outcome, that is, bets to win a particular team or a draw: P1, P2, X. It is for these outcomes of football matches that the highest odds are offered (the lowest margin) and high maximums are available. The limit, maximum or max-bet is the maximum amount that the bookmaker allows to put the player on the selected match. Also popular are double chance bets, which are formed from outcomes P1, X and P2.

These are the bets on the non-loss of a certain team: 1X - the first one does not lose, X2 - the second one does not lose, or if there is no draw - the outcome 12. Demand for the total is in demand - the total number of goals scored by the teams per match. Check the tips for betting to increase your chances to win.