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Betting on Hearthstone: Things You Need to Know

The game, which initiated the genre of computer card games in professional e-sports, tightly conquered its niche in the pro-scene and won its audience. The game differs from other cyber sports disciplines by a huge level of randomness and element of luck. Therefore, many do not consider Hearthstone as a full-fledged e-sports game. Partly, they are right. The game is strikingly simple and fun, requiring a certain level of understanding and thinking.

Where Can You Bet on Heartstone?

With this discipline, there are no problems in choosing a place for bets - they are accepted by both classic sports bookmakers and specialized ones. The difference in the line is that you can find Hearthstone in live betting with eSports bookmakers. is one of the best places to try your luck betting on Hearthstone. Before you get started, you are recommended to check bonuses available for betting on Heartstone. Also, you should read about the main types of bets to choose the right one for you.

More About the Game Features

The game features nine classes - magician, paladin, hunter, warrior, shaman, rogue, druid, priest and warlock. The number of cards in the deck is fixed - 30. Also, the hero has 30 health units and his own unique ability. The game ends when one of the heroes health drops to 0. Due to the element of chance, Hearthstone is not particularly popular with beginners - you should not rely too much on luck. To increase your chances to win, you need to know the game details and develop your own winning strategy.

Of course, a deep knowledge and understanding of the game can reduce the impact of luck and chance on the outcome of the match, but the fact is that in any case it is present. Therefore, you need to be careful when betting on this discipline. Matches are held in the format of best of 5, and bets available are the following:

  • Main outcome;
  • Handicap by parties;
  • Total games

Choose one of the three bet types taking into account your personal betting experience. A bettor should have an analytical mind to succeed in Hearthstone betting. Also, it is better to be a player of this game on your own. You need to know all the features from the inside. However, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't watch news about the teams and their plans for the future. You need to be aware of everything that takes place in the Hearthstone game if you want to become a successful bettor.